Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hoodies and banana peels

Dear reader,

I bought a new hoodie today. It's green. Not my first choice of colour but since I really, really liked it and the size was XXL I had to have it. 

It reaches my knees. I am not an overweight person, I just like large baggy t-shirts/sweaters. I don't exactly know why I am sharing this with you...

I just saw a blog in which a nice looking lady (Do I sound like a perv?) made a wishlist and so, I have jubilantly decided to make one as well. I will be putting up the wishlist in my next post.

I wanted to comment on a thing that has been agitating me for a while. Why is it such a well known fact that people can slip on a banana peel? Please, did you ever even see anyone falling because of a banana? I sure haven't. This banana mith had me so wound up that I had to go research about it a bit. And so I found a video on DailyGrace. She made a video where it's being tested whether people can actually slip. In case you already don't know, they can't. And so back to the whole core of this mith - who started this? Was there a period where people actually slipped on banana peels or were there just a few cases? ... Just so you know, I DO have a life. I just find some unusual stuff unexplainably interesting.

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